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Apsowebly - Web Software Development Platform

From simple websites to complex business management tools we have expertise in the fast delivery of the efficient web software solutions.

Our software is delivered as a service (SaaS) to allow you to concentrate on your operational processes, not an IT support.

Benefits of Apsowebly:

  • Quick deployment.
  • No need for IT support within your organisation.
  • All in one admin dashboard (one login for all your business needs).
  • Clear division between our software (Absowebly Intelectual Property Rights) and your data (Our Customers Assets).
  • Business security through simple processes (Access your data at any point).
  • Super clear GDPR relation between us - Data Processors and you - Data Controllers.
  • Build in "security by design."
  • The highest level of customisation of business software possible.
  • Possibility to arrange your own Apsowebly "flavour."

Apsowebly SaaS CRM, CMS from Absowebly

Specialists in Web Software Development

What do we mean by "Web Software"?

A buzz word which many companies use to describe this type of software is to say it is "In the Cloud".

In reality it means the creation of a piece of software or code, using traditional web technologies, which can perform a particular function.

This software is usually then available via any Internet Connected device.


What types of Web Software can we develop?

Over the last few years we have developed different systems for CRM, CMS, eCommerce, Social Networking etc. But really the sky is the limit, if you have an idea of something you would like to dicuss, just let us know. We work with tailoring bespoke solutions, so are not restraied on the possibilities within existing software and can find new ways of approcahing existing problems.


What Technology do we use?

We are exports when it comes to using a traditional open-source LAMP stack (with our own custom twists for added security or performance).
In terms of the actual languages we write in, we try to use the most efficient or suitable tool for the job. Most often we would use a combination of PHP/MySQL with JavaScript & HTML5.


What about Mobile Apps?

Sure, using some tools it is possible to use HTML5 & JavaScript to create apps for Mobiles & Tablets, including both Apple & Android devices.

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